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Professional Makeup Artist and Photographer

Prior Experiences

Melanie has had a lot of professional success.
"Melanie D. Calvert," "Dahlia Patton" is a retired respiratory care practitioner who now works with her first loves - acting, photography and writing.



Acting is her real love .
Very talented, Melanie has 3 acting agents and is actively moving forward in the business. Self motivated, she's constantly looking for acting parts.



Her Goals
Melanie is actively seeking an acting career by doing several TV appearances and voiceovers for local radio stations. She is able to change voice accent.


Actress Melanie C. Benton


Other Work Experience

When you need a good makeup foundation for a head shot, filming, or stage play, contact Melanie C. Benton to assist. Melanie has over 14 years of makeup experience and as a professional photographer she understands the importance of looking good for the camera. Melanie uses only the best in cosmetics and you can rest assured the job will be done correctly the first time. Visit Mel's makeup site now.

Additionally, if you need a photographer, contact Melanie at her photography web site, and set a date for your shooting. She can do head shots, full body, publicity shots, or any photography you may need. She is the professional photographer for Mississippi Outdoors Personality, Paul Ott, and her work is endorsed by Mississippi State Senator Terry Burton.


Special Acting Skills and Talent

Advocate, photographer, author, retired respiratory care practitioner, camping, country gal, fishing, guest on talk show, hunting, camping, make up artist, mentor, motivational speaking, outdoor woman, photography, story teller, survival skills, television personality, voice over, canoeing, equestrian - rodeo, equestrian - western, fishing, shooting - rifle, swimming - ability - general, chef, comedian, dance line/country, impressionist, improvisation, licensed driver, medical equipment, modeling, vocal range: soprano, African accent, British - Cockney accent, German accent, Irish accent, Southern accent, Spanish accent




Life Experiences

Raised a Farm girl - Veterinarian assistant throughout high school

School bus Driver

Mentor to Children

Film Processing

Writer of published cooking articles, as well as author of "A Southern Moon Rising"

Sears Portrait Studio Manager

Designer of women's clothing

Women's health advocate

Substantial weight loss (127 pounds) - Gastric bypass surgery



2010 Rankin's Got Talent