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Thoughts of Melanie

I am dependable. I think time is important, but time-management more so. I'm VP of media company, book publishing, writing, and web design. Life-time gathering of skills due to age, seen and had many real life experiences. Makeup consultant with Mary Kay for over 14 years. Natural acting talent -- constantly assuming roles for fun dialects: Redneck, Southern Woman, Southern Belle.


Melanie was raised on a farm in a rural Lauderdale County, Mississippi, where she worked as a Veterinarian assistant for many years. She was taught early in life to respect her elders and was active in her Baptist church. She developed a passion and fascination for the outdoors while a young child and still carries that deep love with her today.


What's new?

Melanie has landed a Co-Starring part in an up-coming new movie,

"They Wore Blue and Gray." Read more about the movie at the official "They Wore Blue and Gray Web Site" or you can order the official coffee Cup here! She will play the part of an older woman, who is about to lose her home to a carpetbagger right after the Civil War.

Country Girl Melanie Photograph

Tomboy Melanie

An avid outdoors woman, she enjoys deer hunting, fishing, camping, Citizen Band Radio and of course, outdoor photography. She prefers the smell of wood smoke, the crackling of a fire late at night, and the serenity of nature, to a fast-paced life in a big city. Melanie is a supporter for empowering women from all walks of life. Born and raised in Mississippi, most of it on a farm, she is a true Southern Belle.

Melanie Dressed up

The Photographer

While running a successful photography business for years, she only recently turned to writing a novel through the urgings of her husband Western Fiction Writer W.R. Benton. Melanie's photography has appeared on the covers of all four of Mister Benton's "The Drum Series." Melanie's photography has graced her own books. Her first historical novel, "A Southern Moon Rising," was released in July 2008 .

Melanie at a local party

Melaine can "fit in" your film

Regardless if you want a down home farm woman, cowgirl, the local gossip, or a sophisticated look, Melanie has the personality and appearance to do them all -- and very well. While she looks comfortable and relaxed in a business conference room, she's just as refreshed sitting around a campfire with the "boys." Her ability to "fit in" different situations and backgrounds is her main talent.

Maude Ellen Brooks

Maude Ellen Brooks

Melanie is often visiting local nursing homes or meetings dressed at "Maude Ellen Brooks," the local small town (Possum Holler) gossip. Maude shares all of the local gossip as she talks, talks, and talks. She is a never ending speaker and is rarely wanted back, but is often asked to return again. All of us, no matter where you live, know someone like Maude.

Melanie C. Benton

Sophisicated Woman

Melanie is actively seeking an acting career by doing TV appearances, film, and voice overs for local radio stations. She able to change voice accent and has a number of "characters" in the closet. Her Maude Ellen Brooks is a character we all know, but few love, because she's the local gossip. She can change in a heartbeat and become sophisicated and charming.

Melanie's Official Photograph

The Professional

I am dependable. I think time is important, but time-management more so. I'm VP of media company, book publishing, writing, and web design. Photography- Professional photographer owns Visual Impressions Photography with 20 Years of experience. I have a good eye for images and love working with colors and contrast.